Friend MTS is at the forefront of content protection and automated internet monitoring and possesses many years’ unrivalled knowledge and experience. We track content usage with complete accuracy, providing total traceability to individual users.

Because we own and operate all our technologies and deliver total traceability, we provide services to some of the world’s largest content owners in sport, TV, music and film. We have established and close working relationships with ISPs and major internet companies.

With world-leading fingerprinting and watermarking technology and an exceptionally powerful automated internet monitoring platform, our services enables our customers to gain new insights into their audience, increase revenues through digital distribution initiatives and protect the value of their creativity. We ensure customers are able to monitor the way in which their digital content is utilised over the internet, with unique precision.

Our totally automated services are unrivalled. We track content usage with complete accuracy providing traceability to individual users.

Technologies and services

We utilise and have created a series of market-leading technologies that have enormously wide-ranging applications and are continually evolving.

Our services use combinations of our technologies to address the key issues that our customers face. These services are totally flexible. We don’t believe in offering prescriptive packages and products as each customer’s needs are different.

What makes us different

  • Our services are entirely automated.
  • We search thousands of websites an hour, every hour, every day.
  • We offer the fastest identification service in the market and are able to find unauthorised content within minutes of it being uploaded.
  • We have unparalleled take-down authorisations with major social media and file-sharing sites.
  • Our services offer global protection unhindered by language barriers.